It’s no secret that the Internet has become the first stop for consumers and businesses alike to search for insurance. 

With the growing role of the Internet in insurance sales, we’ve also seen a rapid increase in the number of companies focusing on generating insurance leads that they turn around and sell to agents. While buying leads from these firms can be a viable option for some agents, the best Internet leads are the ones that you generate yourself.

By generating a lead directly from your website instead of buying it from a broker, you are reducing the chances that multiple agents are competing for that business. More importantly, because the lead completed a form on your website, that person already knows who you are and is expecting your call. These two factors dramatically increase your chances of making a sale with each lead. 

So how do you generate your own Internet leads? In this e-book, we share strategies that agents like you are using to drive prospects to their website and convert them into leads. But before we begin, there are some things to consider:

1. Generating Internet Leads takes time

It may take months to see a return on your efforts. Traffic to your site will build slowly. You will need to monitor that traffic to learn from it and refine your efforts. This is not a quick fix. 

2. Generating Internet Leads takes effort

If you want to generate leads online, it is going to require your continual effort. You should plan on setting aside a few hours a week to implement your Internet strategy or hire someone to help you. Once you get the knowledge required, things will speed up, but there are no shortcuts to online success. 

3. If you follow these steps, you will be successful in generating Internet leads. 

The process of generating Internet leads has been proven to work. However, few agents have the discipline and patience to follow through on their strategy. 

4. The successful Internet agent has more income potential than a traditional agent. 

Many of the limitations of traditional selling are completely removed online. You can come in contact with hundreds of people a day and effortlessly span the entire country. Tools are available to streamline and automate many of your routine processes, allowing you to focus on closing more deals. This means that you can make more money. 

In the following pages, we’ve broken down the five steps to position your site for lead-generating success. For each step, we provide a checklist of the things you need to do. This is not an exhaustive list and the topics discussed here can get as complex as you want them to get. 

Keep in mind that we’re offering a practical approach – our goal is not to explore the inner workings of search engines or to debate theory. The tactics and techniques described here, step by step, are proven to work. Follow them consistently and over time you will be successful.